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WhatsApp is one of the mobile apps that gained special popularity during the confinement of the coronavirus. The application allows us to converse with all our cell phone contacts, be it a colleague, friend or family member. Some companies even used the app for video calls or online sales.

Among the different tools that are at our disposal we find creating stickers, sending audios, editing photos, making calls and much more. However, you may wish to disappear for a while (perhaps for vacation).

If what you are looking for is not to receive notifications in the application, it is only necessary to follow the following steps to prevent WhatsApp from bothering you in your free time. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Notifications’ and configure at your convenience.

But there are other ways to go unnoticed by your contacts. Did you know that in the configuration of your profile name you can leave an empty space? Those who want to contact you will simply see your photo but not your name.

How to remove my profile name and leave a blank space?

We warn that it is somewhat easier to perform the following steps in the web application. Basically, you will have to copy and paste the in the profile name configuration (⠀).

It should be noted that it is not a key (space bar) but rather a Unicode character. WhatsApp will notice as if you have written something and will leave a gap in your profile. If you combine it with a single color photo, you will surprise your friends.

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Remember that if the other person does not have you added to their agenda, they will get your phone number.

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