WhatsApp: how to send invisible messages from your Android and iOS mobile

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One of the limitations that WhatsApp presents when sending a message is that it does not allow the content to be blank. Even if it is a character, emoji or GIF, you must type something in the message composition bar for the send message button to be activated, or it allows you to do it with the ‘Enter’ button on the virtual keyboard. But there are several ways you can skip this.

Why would it be necessary to send a blank message on WhatsApp? Well, that already depends on the use that each one wants to give to this technique. We will tell you how to carry it out.

Method 1: Copy a blank space

The simplest and that does not require anything else, it is about copy a white space formed between characters, such as the one that appears in the center of the one that we put below:

>>>‏‏‎‏‏‎ <<<

As you can see, between the two characters in the internal area there is a blank point right in the center. Simply keep pressed on it on the mobile screen and select it, then giving the command ‘Copy’ to move it to the clipboard. You can do the same if you are using WhatsApp on your laptop.

Now open WhatsApp, go to a chat, paste that blank in the message composition bar of the app, and you will see how the application now allows you to send it. And you will already have a blank message sent in that chat.

Method 2: WhatsApp Blank Message

If you do not want to complicate cutting and pasting too much, this application is very simple to use: At first you must choose whether you want to send only individual characters or entire rows of empty text in your blank message. Then you can choose the number of characters or rows to send.

Last but not least, you have the option to send the empty message directly via WhatsApp or you can simply copy the blank text to your clipboard. Of course, Blank Message is only for Android.

Descargar WhatsApp Blank Message


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