WhatsApp: learn to call other people from the app without using your number

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WhatsApp is an application with many secret functions that most do not know despite using it on a daily basis. On this occasion, we will teach you how to make calls through this application without using your real number (SIM card).

It is simple. First we have to install an application that is in Google Play, we look for it as “Hushed”. Afterwards, we must register by entering our email and password; It should be noted that this app will request access permissions to the microphone.

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Then, we must go to the “Get new number” button, a long list will appear to choose a country where we are.

In addition, you have to choose the type of line you want, in this case you should select “Mobile” because it offers us complete services. Following these steps, a list of phone numbers will appear so that we can choose the one we like the most.

On the left the application on Google Play and on the right, following the steps indicated, the option to choose the numbers that we like the most (Photo: GEC Composition / Google Play)

Clever. In case we have an active WhatsApp account, we have to go to settings, account and change the number, we must skip that when changing the number, the settings, groups and account information will be migrated.

Steps to change WhatsApp number (Photo: GEC Composition)

Now, WhatsApp will only ask us for a phone number to register the account, where we will enter the virtual number that we have just created. We only have to wait for the application to send us an SMS message to this line and if it does not arrive, we must wait for the counter to reach zero seconds to request the verification by call.

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Finally, when they send us a code, we must enter it in WhatsApp to confirm the registration and access all the services that the application offers us, such as: text messages, send images, documents, gifs, stickers and make calls from a phone number which is not ours.

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When you download “Hushed” they will give you all the information on the packages to choose from and the prices that this application charges for opening a virtual number.


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