WhatsApp Messages: How to Send Messages Without Opening the App

By: Dan Cooper

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Many times we find ourselves needing to send an urgent message to someone on WhatsApp, but do not have the time or ability to open the app and type out the message. Luckily, iPhone users can call upon their virtual assistant Siri to help them out in these situations. In this article, we’ll go over how to send a message on WhatsApp without having to open the app.

Using Siri to Send Messages on WhatsApp

To start off, activate Siri by saying “Hey, Siri”. Once Siri is listening, you can then tell it to send a message on WhatsApp. Next, Siri will ask you for the name of the contact you want to send the message to. Once you provide the name, Siri will ask for the content of the message. Simply dictate the message you want to send and Siri will compose it for you. Confirm that the message is correct and then press the “Send” button. This trick can also be done using other applications like Messages and Telegram.

Finding Out Which Contacts Use WhatsApp

If you’re curious to know which of your contacts use WhatsApp, there’s a simple trick to find out. Open the app and go to the main interface. Click on “Settings” and then scroll down to “Invite friends”. Here, you will be able to see a list of your friends who do not use WhatsApp. You can choose to send them an invite through text message or by sharing a link.

Stay Updated on WhatsApp

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