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WhatsApp Now Allows Hiding of Phone Numbers

In the world of messaging apps, MSN Messenger was a crowd-pleaser. It allowed users to connect with friends and share their thoughts. One feature that stood out was the ability to display a nickname and status that everyone could see. Now, WhatsApp users want the same capability, especially when it comes to usernames.

Being easily identifiable is important on social media, but it can be challenging when there are others with the same name. Nicknames are a solution to this problem, and WhatsApp wants to provide users with the ability to assign one. According to WABetaInfo, the arrival of usernames will improve privacy by giving users a nickname instead of their phone number when sharing a contact with others.

The feature is under development, with the Android version v2.23.11.15 already having it. It remains unclear if usernames will serve as mention items, which allows users to call attention to a particular person in a group.

The addition of usernames will ensure that users can communicate with others without worrying about privacy concerns. It’s a feature that might be added soon, so keep an eye out for it on different platforms. WhatsApp is striving to provide users with a safe and comfortable environment, and this new feature is only one step in that direction.

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