WhatsApp now lets you send money to your contacts without leaving the app

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Many users have WhatsApp installed on their phone, the queen’s instant messaging app. Today’s world of communication can hardly be understood without it, but the truth is that Menlo Park has done everything possible to bring it closer to many sectors. And one in which he wants to put it fully is in the world of banking using it as a payment platform. In fact, it seems that heThe first attempts to send money through WhatsApp are already underway.

The first vestiges of WhatsApp Pay working

We have been waiting for years for Menlo Park to activate one of the most anticipated features for WhatsApp. And no, it is not about improvements in the design of the application and more emojis or graphic resources of expressions, but in a way in which the app can be used as an additional payment gateway. Already in 2018 we heard that in India it was already possible to send money, which suggested that sooner rather than later it would reach the whole world.

However, it seems that the company has not been able to progress since within two years we learned that the firm had delayed the launch of the function in the Asian country. In fact, there was talk that it would arrive in Spain in 2020, but so far it has not shown signs of life. Today, in the middle of 2021, it seems that the project is being resumed in a most interesting way.

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It turns out that it was on the Twitter of Stephane Kasriel, who is one of the visible heads of Novi, where this information has been published. For those who do not know, Novi is an Internet platform that is used as a digital wallet to exchange virtual money internationally. The goal is for users to make transfers as simple as sending a text message to another user.

The tests have already started

The steps for WhatsApp offer its users the ability to transfer money is getting closer and closer. The company is already working to make this work and users will make their transfers as if they were doing it from the virtual wallet in Pax Dollars, a currency created in 2018 that is stable and pegged to the US dollar. If the project works, it would not be strange to see it in the future in more countries beyond the American borders.


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