WhatsApp Plus: A Modified App With Extra Features

By: Dan Cooper

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WhatsApp Plus is not your ordinary messaging application. It is a modified version of WhatsApp with a greater number of functions that the standard application has yet to implement on its messaging service. Although it is not considered an application but an APK file, it offers users an extensive catalog of functions that are yet to be explored.

Some of the most useful features of WhatsApp Plus include hiding the words “Writing” and “Recording audio,” sending images up to 50 megabytes, and receiving notifications when someone changes their profile picture. However, the APK also hides an interesting option that many users do not know about – “rejection messages.”

What Are “Rejection Messages”?

This feature works simultaneously with calls and video calls on WhatsApp Plus. When you configure the settings to decide who can and cannot dial you through the APK, you also activate “rejection messages”. You can use this feature to send automated messages to your friends when you cannot answer their calls or messages. For example, you can use pre-set messages such as “I am in a meeting at work, I will write to you later” to notify your friends of the reason why you cannot talk at that moment.

Here’s How To Use “Rejection Messages” On WhatsApp Plus

1. Open WhatsApp Plus
2. Press the icon of the three points in the upper right corner
3. Press the section that says “Privacy and Security”
4. Touch the option called “Who Can Call Me?”
5. Choose the relevant option based on your preference
6. Scroll down to the “More” section and check the “send reject message” box
7. Finally, write the message you want to appear when calls are forwarded

How To Share Images With Maximum Resolution On WhatsApp Plus

Sharing images on WhatsApp Plus is much easier and efficient than the original WhatsApp application. Here’s how you can share images with maximum resolution:

1. Open WhatsApp Plus on your cell phone
2. Access the “Plus Configuration” section
3. Press the “Universal” section
4. Touch the option called “Settings”
5. Activate the switch that says “Send Images in Full Resolution”
6. Slide the bar at the top to the maximum (50 MB)

These tricks and shortcuts are constantly changing and updating, so keep an eye out for new and exciting features to enhance your messaging experience. Follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest WhatsApp Plus news and shortcuts.

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