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WhatsApp is the tool par excellence where you can not only chat with your friends, partner, college or work colleagues and even get into different family groups with your father, mother and siblings; but also share multimedia files. Although the app belonging to Facebook has recently been updated, bringing with it a series of tools, it is not yet possible to modify the color of the platform.

The latest version of WhatsApp only allows you to modify the wallpaper of your chats to the tone you want, but not only that, you can also add several elements such as protecting your privacy, hiding your last connection time, among others.

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In order to obtain the famous color change of the app, it is necessary to download an alternate application in the form of an APK in which you can also chat as usual, but you may be banned in the near future.

This is WhatsApp Plus, the program modified by Mods in which you also have the chance to activate disappearing messages, schedule automatic responses or notifications to your friends.


The trick is quite easy, but it will depend on each user if they want to use WhatsApp Plus for life or stay in the original Facebook app. So get to work:

The first thing you should do is download the updated WhatsApp Plus APK found in v13.50. You can use the following to download WhatsApp Plus on your Android cell phone. Once that is done, now just open WhatsApp Plus. Go to the application Settings. In that section go to Configure WhatsApp Plus.In this way you can change the color of each of the WhatsApp functions.  (Photo: MAG)In this way you can change the color of each of the WhatsApp functions. (Photo: MAG) Now click on Universal. At that moment a window will open where you can select the independent color of each of the WhatsApp areas. Choose the one you want in the color palette and that’s it. When you have done it, restart WhatsApp Plus and it will automatically have changed color.

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