WhatsApp: radically change calls in the app

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WhatsApp It is one of the applications that many use to be able to chat with whoever they like just by having their cell phone number, but there are other people who have found in the app a new way of communicating by phone calls.

Although these consume a certain amount of your data, from now on the calls from WhatsApp They will change not only they will improve substantially in improving connectivity, but also in their aesthetic section. Do you know what they will look like now?

According to the portal the change will be reflected in several aspects. In the shared screenshots, WhatsApp is redesigning the interface for a future update to make it more compact and modern.

For example, we note that the number or name of the user, in addition to their photo, will appear in a fairly large balloon of lead color, while the lower menu to be able to hang up the call, put the loudspeaker, among others, will be a gray more Dark.

Also, the background of all calls will no longer be turquoise, but will appear blacker. This will grant calls to be visibly more sympathetic and that the keypad is used by users.

The encryption phrase will be preserved in the header, so that you know that your WhatsApp calls are protected from end to end and that no third party is authorized to listen to what you say in your communication.

At the moment the change of image of the calls is not present and, according to WABeta Info, it is under development, but there is no doubt that this modification will be visualized in the coming months.

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