WhatsApp: the peculiar meaning of the emoji of the person tilting the hand

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WhatsApp: the peculiar meaning of the emoji of the person tilting the hand

WhatsApp continues to surprise its millions of users around the world. Through the new functions that it has been implementing in the last weeks you can test the multi-device option to not depend on your mobile when viewing chats on the PC or computer, protect conversations using your fingerprint or iPhone Face ID, as well as share files in word or PDF format, GIFs, stickers animated and even the always funny emojis.

Although the latter are very popular, they have also raised doubts among people, as each of the icons has a meaning. Some are somewhat obvious, while others need a translation to avoid confusion, as is the case with the person with bowed hand. Do you know what it is used for WhatsApp? Has a close contact ever sent it to you? Here we explain it to you.

In order to know exactly what this means emoji of the person tilting the hand, it is necessary to resort to one of the websites that is responsible for compiling all the WhatsApp icons and explaining them in detail: .

This source explains that the emoji of person bowing hand is known as Person Tipping Hand in English. It is characterized by being a person who takes his hand on the shoulder as if he were carrying a tray of drinks or moving his hair. This emoji is commonly used to express cheekiness or sarcasm.

This emoji was approved as part of in 2010 and added to in 2015. While gender is not specified, many early designs featured this emoji as a female.

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