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WhatsApp: these are the changes and news that will arrive soon

As regular users of WhatsApp, many times we do not realize the news until they appear. But as curious of all the news that arise in the cyberuniverse, we want to know more about what the social network will bring us from now on. We usually keep you up to date on the plans that Facebook has for your favorite messaging app, but today we are going to tell you some of the changes and news that will arrive soon.

Move your chats from Android to iOS

This function is one of the most anticipated for users who want to switch phones completely. And it is that whenever you change your mobile you have to resort to the backup to recover all the data, although in the case of Android to iOS it was somewhat tedious to say the least. Luckily this will stop being a problem since in future news of WhatsApp we have that function called Move to iOS. This will arrive in the coming months, although tests are already being carried out to put it into operation.

Yes, it is most likely that we will have to use an external app for the procedure to be done completely.

Your profile more private than ever

Privacy is something that users value a lot nowadays. In fact, the more control you have of the data that circulates on the web, the better, and if it is about those that are taught to other people, the better. For all of them, WhatsApp will soon put a new feature with which you can hide information from contacts with whom you started a conversation. In fact, the new function that will come in the future will aim to hide not only the last time you connected to the contacts, it will also let you make some exceptions within the application.

New reactions, like on Facebook

Another of WhatsApp news that are falling are The reactions. If you are Facebook users you will know that the social network has several options to express your feelings in front of a publication. Well, this same capacity will come to the queen messaging app, perfect for launching a quick response to a message by way of emotion, although we recommend you respond with the traditional mode.

The mobiles that are left without support

Unfortunately, not all WhatsApp news are good news. And it is that in November, the app will leave some mobile phones unsupported on both Android and iOS. As every year, operating systems advance one version and this means that there are phones that are left behind and that will not receive more support. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at the list of phones that will no longer be compatible this 2021.


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