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WhatsApp: these are the new options that you find if you press and hold the app icon

WhatsApp: Nuevas opciones que encuentras si mantienes pulsado el icono de la app

Speed ​​seems like the keyword in today’s digital age. Internet, telecommuting, mobile applications, everything seems designed with the idea of ​​doing things faster, more efficient, more effective. For this reason, for about a month, WhatsApp implemented a couple of tools in its application to help users chat with those who matter most more quickly.

New options when pressing the WhatsApp icon

Did you know that you have several shortcuts implemented directly on the application icon? When you make a long press on the icon of an application on your mobile screen, tools such as uninstall, access a widget that that application has, etc.

What if you do that on the WhatsApp icon? That these functions will come out and separate a mini-list of the app itself. Now you will see the following:

  • The WhatsApp camera shortcut icon
  • Shortcuts to 4 contacts

As we can see, the first thing that appears is the WhatsApp camera icon, which it will open instantly if you press it. The following is a listing of four contacts you talk to the most, which will take you to the chat window within WhatsApp if you click on one.

The best thing is that, if you want to have a special featured contact, you can create a shortcut in an instant like this:

  1. Hold down the WhatsApp icon to bring up the list of contacts you talk to the most
  2. Press and hold on the contact that interests you and drag it out of the window.
  3. Place it on the part of the screen you want. Now you have that contact in a shortcut, and you no longer have to first open WhatsApp and search for their chat, but click on this access.


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