WhatsApp: this will be the new reactions with emojis and chat bubbles

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WhatsApp It is the messaging application par excellence and this means that the company does not stop developing new functions or redesigning certain aspects of the app to continue maintaining and gaining users every day. This means that every so often we see how new and interesting functions arrive in the app. Well, in this sense, for days they had been talking about the new reactions and design of chat bubbles. Now, it is possible to see in graphic mode how these new functions will be.

This is thanks to the famous site WABetaInfo, which as usual, is the one who reveals all the WhatsApp news before they reach the app itself. On this occasion, the channel itself has published some screenshots where you can see what the two news that will soon reach all users of the messaging application will be.

Reactions on messages with emojis

On the one hand, we have the reactions to WhatsApp messages. A function similar to the one we are already used to using in other applications such as social networks, where we can respond to any publication with a reaction that is represented by an emoji.

Until now, the only way to react to any message that comes to us through WhatsApp is by replying to that same message. In the answer itself, we can add text, emojis, photos, etc. However, with the arrival of this function, we will be able to react to any message directly and without having to respond. Something as simple as we can do right now before any publication of Facebook or Instagram.

In addition, as can be seen in the capture itself provided by WABetaInfo, below each message we can see a rsummary of reactions to that message, when we are in a WhatsApp group with many members. It is a novelty that will arrive for both iOS and Android devices.

New design of the message bubbles

The other novelty in which those of Marck Zuckerberg are working is the redesign of the chat bubbles. Now, this is something that at the moment is being tested only in the version of WhatsApp for devices with iOS operating system. Apparently, everything indicates that they will be of a size larger and with a more modern design.

Although their design is in the initial phase, everything indicates that they will have a color something different than the one shown now and that the corners of the bubbles will be more rounded. There is still no exact date for the arrival of these two novelties to the versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, but everything indicates that in the coming weeks it could already be a reality and we could start enjoying them very soon. Perhaps users with iOS devices could have these news before Android users, but nothing is certain at the moment.


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