WhatsApp trick: how to know with what name and photo you have been saved on your mobile

Truco de WhatsApp: cómo saber con qué nombre y foto te tienen guardado en el móvil

The mobile phone has gone from being a secondary element that we carried with us only for emergencies – the beginning of the end for phone booths – to becoming an extension of ourselves. And that is demonstrated in that each person personalizes it to their liking, from the wallpapers to the melodies, the tones, apps they use, etc.

And also to the way you save your contacts in the phonebook.

WhatsApp tricks

There are those who write the name of the other person as is; There are those who add things such as the name of the school or the University with which that person coincided to differentiate it from another with the same name; there are those who give funny, affectionate or mean nicknames. This also happens in WhatsApp of course.

Have you ever wondered How do your contacts call / nickname you on WhatsApp? Under what name (and photo) is your number registered? You can find out this way.

There is a particular element of this ‘trick’: that it does not need you to install anything additionally, and that it is valid for both Android and iOS because after all it is a function within the application itself. But it requires the collaboration of your contact, because by itself you cannot see it:

Know with what name your WhatsApp contacts have saved you on your mobile

  1. Enter the chat of the contact you want to know under what name they have saved you
  2. Ask him to share your contact -You can try to deceive that contact a little bit or ask them as is
  3. That person should send you your own contact, but in a concrete way: Using the ‘Share Contact’ feature of WhatsApp. You should not type your number or anything like that, because if not you will not see the name and photo with which it has saved
  4. To do this, your contact must press on their mobile the clip icon which is right at the bottom right of the WhatsApp interface, next to the camera
  5. It will open a screen to choose which media file to send(you): audios, photos, documents, location … And the last option is’Contact’
  6. You must press it and choose your name. Then send it.
  7. And that’s it: Now you will see the information sheet of yours that your contact has on his mobile and has sent you, including the name under which he has saved you and the profile photo if he also gave you one.
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