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WhatsApp: what do I do if my new phone number is already registered in the app – MRT

More than two billion users around the world use WhatsApp, the instant messaging application where we can send messages, photos, videos, gifs, files (Word, Excel, PDF), etc. But, have you ever wondered what would happen if I buy a new phone line and this number already has a WhatsApp account registered? If this is your case, in the following note we will explain what you should do.

Before giving a solution to this problem, we are going to explain to you what is the reason for this to happen. According to WhatsApp, all your accounts are linked to a cell phone number, and if the new number you have acquired already has a registered account, it is likely that someone else is using it. How is this possible? It is not a mystery that mobile phone companies recycle numbers, when you buy a device or chip (SIM card) it may be a recycled number.

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“If the previous owner of the number did not delete their WhatsApp account, you and your contacts may see the phone number in WhatsApp before you activate the new account. You may also see the profile photo and Information that belonged to that person, ”said Mark Zuckerberg’s company through its help center.

In addition, WhatsApp specified that we do not have to worry if we activate our account on the new device or with the new SIM card since the other person will not be able to see our content, all conversations in the new account will be private.


You already know that your new number is being used by someone else on WhatsApp, and it is obvious that you will try to open a new account in this app anyway, but WhatsApp will show you a message indicating that the number is already being used, so what I must do?

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The first to take action will be WhatsApp, because if it verifies that the old account has 45 days of inactivity, when you activate the account it will take it as a totally new one. All data from the old one will be automatically deleted.


For this case you have two options:

Communicate the facts to the mobile phone company where you acquired the number so that they can change it.To avoid waiting the 45 days of inactivity of the previous account, you must send an email to telling you the facts so that they can verify if the account has not been used in the aforementioned time.

Do you have any problem? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, then you should write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected] You can also make the same request from your iPhone.

Now, if you need to make a general query, you can fill in the form using this . There you simply have to put your phone number, in addition to the code of your region, and then write your message after identifying yourself.

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