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Do you already have the latest WhatsApp news? For example, it is now possible to send photos and videos that disappear as soon as they are viewed or opened by your contacts. Likewise, through the app it is possible to send all kinds of multimedia content, between word or PDF files.

But not only that, it is currently attracting a lot of attention on WhatsApp Web. And it is precisely that the app modified the way of being able to chat on the PC without depending directly on your cell phone.

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While these changes are positive, there are details that capture the attention of several users. One of them has to do with emojis.

The latest version of WhatsApp has about 500 emoticons divided into several sections so that you can improve the emphasis of your conversations. While some do not require an exhaustive interpretation, others need a second look.


WhatsApp has a variety of emojis that allow you to better express what you want to say in a sentence. For example, those that have become popular are yellow faces, objects, animals, among others.

But there is one that is having a certain curiosity about those who use WhatsApp: it is the red face. Although this one differs from the others by its tonality, its meaning is really surprising.

Learn what the red face emoji really means in WhatsApp.  (Photo: MAG)Learn what the red face emoji really means in WhatsApp. (Photo: MAG)

To be able to know for sure what it is, it is necessary to resort to Emojipedia, the encyclopedia of all emoticons. According to the source this icon also called as in English it is used to convey anger, when a person pouts, even hatred or rage.

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Pouting Face was approved as part of in 2010 and added to in 2015.

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