WhatsApp: what does this strange alien represent and what is its meaning

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There are many strange emoticons in WhatsApp such as: the mechanical arm, an ogre, a goblin, a pile of excrement with a face, etc. However, there is an emoji that many do not know or at least do not know what it means despite being one of the most used throughout the world, we refer to the icon called ‘Alien Monster’.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that now has more than 3,000 emojis in the following categories: Emoticons and people, animals and nature, food and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, symbols and finally flags. In the first section of the aforementioned is the icon of the alien Monster, which occupies the position number 343 of the most shared by Twitter, he highlighted , a portal dedicated to counting the amount of emojis that are shared in real time by the aforementioned social network.

The ‘Alien Monster’ appears purple on most platforms or sometimes green, has tentacles, two eyes, and a friendly appearance. It is commonly shared to represent classic arcade games such as ‘Space Invaders’, which is why its pixelated appearance, as if it had 8-bit graphics, reported the web portal. .

Also, it can relate to alien life, outer space, and old video games. It also conveys a sense of weirdness, madness, or excitement as it is raising both tentacles. Now that you know its true meaning, will you use it at the right time?

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