WhatsApp will include a special emoji editor for groups

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WhatsApp continues working to improve its service and that users feel comfortable with its use. For that there is only one option: improve the app with new features that make it more attractive. And on Facebook they are on that path in which they aim to improver an emoji editor in the groups as we are going to tell you next.

New improvements for WhatsApp groups

Facebook works tirelessly to improve one of the most installed apps on all smartphones. Of course we are talking about WhatsApp, which in recent tests have seen improvements for user groups. It turns out that in Menlo Park they want to provide this feature with a new function which they have called the icon editor.

According to what we see in WABetaInfo, the feature lets users generate a distinctive icon thanks to the use of emojis and stickers. This will come in handy for all those who have a group without a defined image and finally, without breaking their heads, will have at their disposal a new characteristic to define that group.

The funny thing about this feature is that detected first on iOS devices, so Apple could be the one with this new feature in the first place.

And also quick access to calls

But the current roadmap of the Menlo Park does not end here, and it is that WhatsApp will put a direct access to the group call to call all the members at once. This is found on the cards of each group, which will soon have a perfect ‘quick call’ function so that you are not calling all the members one by one.

In your case, this feature has been found in terminals with the Android operating system, but both in this function and in the previous one we still do not have a defined departure date. We will have to wait to know Facebook’s plans for these two new features that will help a lot to simplify processes or identify the groups they enter, something that nobody wants to fall into and produce a failure saying something that should not be counted in a group if and not in another.


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