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WhatsApp works in a search engine to contact companies


They are working on Facebook to provide WhatsApp with increasingly useful functions and turn it into a complete service. In fact, the application has a version for companies and another for the rest of the users and it seems that there will soon be a new bridge between the two features. It will all be thanks to the use of a new business search engine on WhatsApp.

Find companies on WhatsApp with its new feature

You may not know it because you are not familiar, but WhatsApp has a version for companies under the surname Business. This tool is designed for all those businesses that have something to offer the user and give the possibility not only to talk with customers, but also for them to find the products they have at their disposal. This is even easy if we consider that you can do it from a web page or on social networks, but Facebook wants to help you WhatsApp progress with the new business search engine. As commented Reuters In its lines, the company is creating a directory in which all types of companies can be found as long as they are registered within the application.

It is said that users will not only have the possibility to search by name, but also to filter the application according to the category, such as food, retail and local services. That way it will be easier to find those shops you are looking for in order to buy everything you may need.

Available in tests only in Brazil

As usual, not all the functions of the most popular applications come out first. The WhatsApp search engine to find companies will be available in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and it is not yet known when they will reach the rest of the world. In fact, according to the media, there is the possibility of introducing this feature in other test markets such as India or Indonesia. For the rest of the world, the integration of these functions is a great unknown and we can only wait for the operation to be as optimal as possible so that it reaches the rest of the world.


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