WhatsApp’s new feature to never use: A comprehensive guide to protecting your privacy and data

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WhatsApp: The Importance of Security and Privacy

WhatsApp is a messaging service used by millions around the world. One of the main features of this app is the end-to-end encryption deployed for all its sections. This security mechanism ensures that only you and the people you chat with have access to the information exchanged. Not even WhatsApp can access this information. This encryption applies to personal or group conversations, calls, video calls, and backup copies stored in the cloud.

However, a new tool has been introduced that could put your account information at risk. The “Share screen” is an option that could record all the information visible on your screen or reproduce it from your device. This could include sensitive information such as passwords, payment details, photos, messages and audio. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use this function until it is fully secure.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp is an application that requires a mobile number for verification purposes. However, once verified, WhatsApp never uses your number again, unless you change your smartphone. Even if you remove your SIM card, you can still chat as long as you have internet access. However, if you lose your SIM card, it is recommended that you block it to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your information.

In conclusion, WhatsApp is constantly updating its features and introducing new tools to improve its usability. However, it is important to prioritize privacy and security to protect your information.

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