When Ana María Polo found out she had breast cancer

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Currently, Ana María Polo He is one of the most famous faces of Hispanics on television, undoubtedly thanks to “Caso Cerrado”, a program that he hosted for 20 years on Telemundo (2001-2021). The Cuban-American television presenter is loved in many Latin American countries, proof of which is the large number of followers she has on social networks.

While the call Dr. Polo He has many fans around the world, who constantly follow his life and work through social networks, the star is usually very reserved with his private life; Although recently a supposed girlfriend of hers named Marlene Key has come to light and that, according to some media, she already has coexistence plans.

On the other hand, the life of Ana María Polo It has not been very simple, since it is known that she had a tough battle against breast cancer that, finally, she won it. For this reason, she became a spokesperson for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and campaigns throughout Latin America and the United States to raise awareness about this health disorder. But how did the presenter find out about the disease that was diagnosed 18 years ago?

In an interview for the NGO American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), Dr. Polo told how it was when she received the news and how she managed to overcome that first shock.

“At first it was an absolute shock and that shock helps you lose consciousness of what it is. Your head is spinning, but immediately the brain starts working and you have to be rational, logical. First you must say: I am alive “, he pointed.

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“I learned to keep busy. People with leisure have a lot of time to get depressed. But I chose to help the doctors heal me: stay informed of everything I could and had to do, surround myself with positive people, go ahead and not think for a moment that things were going to go wrong. I was always very positive “added.

In a talk with People en Español, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the TV presenter spoke about cancer, a disease that she managed to overcome 18 years ago. Polo assures that of all the experiences that he had to live in his 62 years of life, that was the greatest.

“Cancer made me want to live more. It also left me that we have to take care of ourselves, to pay attention to ourselves, to know our bodies. We must raise awareness that cancer exists and that it is a disease that does not have many symptoms or when you already have symptoms, perhaps it is too late “he confessed.

Finally, he revealed that it was thanks to the self-exploration that he discovered his discomfort in time. ”Happily, I found my cancer; I found that little ball, I immediately went to the doctor and did everything I had to do. Fortunately the cancer was in stage two; at that moment, I took all the time I needed to attack what I had to do “, he pointed out.

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