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The series will show the intimate side of the country’s most controversial driver with his son. When is the premiere?

New program Marley & Mirko
New program Marley & Mirko

Marley and Mirko They are one of the most outstanding people that Telefe has at the moment. Together they are an unstoppable duo that have managed to conquer the Argentine public in every way.

Now, Paramount+ presented the new trailer for the series for January 20. Both will join the mountain of entertainment to present their new program Marley & Mirko, the reality show that will closely show intimate and unique moments of the family.

What will the series be about?

The series will tell the challenge of being a single and first-time father without help. However, Marley showed that he can do just fine on his own. His mother, his cousin Fernando, his old friends -who for Mirko are like uncles- are there to accompany him in the arduous but tender task of learning to be a father.

Mirko grows in an incredible way, asks questions and relates more and more with the boys of his age. Faced with this situation, Marley begins to investigate the possibility of a second child and will find out about different surrogacy options and processes, consulting the opinions of her family, her friends and the most important of all: Mirko’s.

On the other hand, they will have different self-conclusive father-son activities from the most fun, such as going skiing together for the first time to Las Leñas, visiting the Nickelodeon hotel in Punta Cana or visiting Susana, Mirko’s godmother, in Punta del This, even the most emotional, like a trip to the United States for Mirko to meet Brittany.

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Each chapter will reveal the intimacies and show the unknown sides of Marley as he goes through the same doubts, fears, desires and joys that any parent has.

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