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When and where the third season of Succession premieres

The political and business chess of the roy family go back to HBO and it will also be seen by HBO Max. The new season of Succession, the third, will premiere this Sunday. The award-winning production will return after having concluded its second installment in 2019 and having been absent from the small screen for more than a year, due to the global pandemic.

The next installment of Succession It will be composed of 9 episodes in total that will be released on a weekly basis. As seen towards the end of the second season, the series of HBO will resume the family conflict that erupted from the public crossing between Kendall and Logan Roy, which left the family that owns the powerful company Waystar Royco On the edge of the precipice.

The premiere will be simultaneously on both the channel HBO as for its brand new platform streaming, HBO Max. In Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador it will premiere at 8 pm; in Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and Puerto Rico at 9; and in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay it will be seen from 10 at night. The episode will be titled “Secession” alluding to what seem irreconcilable differences between the patriarch of the roy family and Kendall.

A reminder of Succession

As two years passed since the end of the second season of Succession, some fans may not remember all the details. Although some took advantage of the time to make a well-deserved rewatchNot everyone had that luxury and will want a memory aid to be fresh for the premiere on Sunday.

The main problem you faced the roy family had to do with the allegations of sexual abuse and even murder on the cruise line of Waystar Royco. The deceased “Mo” Lester He was the main responsible until the events gained national resonance and reached the public spotlight, until unleashing a snowball that is about to destroy this powerful family. In a situation where creditors lost faith in the company, Kendall He decided to go against his father and accuse him of knowing in depth the details of the illegalities committed on his ships.

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