when episode 3 premieres and what will it be about

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The series starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain will premiere a new episode on HBO Max on Sunday. Know the schedules by country and everything that will happen with its protagonists.

Learn all about the third episode of Secrets of a Marriage


© HBO MaxLearn all about the third episode of Secrets of a Marriage

Secrets of a Marriage is among the most important premieres of HBO Max of this year. With only two chapters released so far, the miniseries created by Hagai Levi and based on the Swedish series of Ingmar Bergman It is already emerging as one of the candidates to lead the nominations of the next awards season. And it is that not only its argument is convincing, but its protagonists Jessica Chastain y Oscar Isaac they know how to handle the characters very well.

Sight is a businesswoman who lives full time from her job and has big ambitions in the world of technology. Her husband, JonathanQuite the opposite: he is a philosophy professor and loves spending time at home with the daughter they have in common, Ava. Two opposite poles who knew how to find balance and complement each other, but little by little begin to collide and live the tension.

Almost two weeks ago the first of the episodes was released, Innocence and Panic. Alert spoiler! There the couple received the news that Mira was pregnant and although at first the arrival of a new member of the family meant great joy, with great anguish they decided to have an abortion. And this, reverberated in the next episode.

Last Sunday it premiered Poli, a new broadcast in which Chastain’s character confessed to Isaac’s that he was in love with another man. His name is the same as in the chapter: he is a 29-year-old Israeli young man who runs a startup company and whom he met at a work celebration. She finally admitted that the abortion had something to do with it. “I was terrified that if we had another child I wouldn’t be able to leave”, She assured and then explained to her husband that she wanted to travel with her lover.

+ What will happen in the next episode of Secrets of a Marriage?

The third chapter will be called The valley of tears and will show Jonathan and Mira, who share everything they have learned since the split, rekindling old connections with the risk of exacerbating latent wounds. Its premiere will be on Sunday, September 26 directed and written by Hagai Levi. Review the opening times according to each country!

Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador: 20:00 PM

Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and Puerto Rico: 21:00 PM

Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay: 22:00 PM

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