When is Free Guy coming to Star +?

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Free Guy is the hit comedy of Ryan Reynolds that tells the life of a bank employee and how he discovers that he is actually an NPC within a multiplayer video game based on the well-known saga GTA. The protagonist, Guy, starts a true revolution within the virtual environment with special participations from famous franchises from the gamer world and also, how could it be otherwise, from the cinema.

Absurd humor and action seem to be the favorite combo of Ryan Reynolds who moves in an excellent way with that recipe that gave him so many joys, for example in the role of Mercenary Mouth, Deadpool. The nice one Guy manages to win the affection and admiration of the public who recognize similarities with another fantastic story: The Truman Show.

When will Free Guy come to streaming?

The film was released only in cinemas and not with the support of any streaming platform as happened in the cases of Black Widow and Jungle Cruise, to name a few examples. The intention of those responsible for the film is that the public enjoy this adventure with all the capacity of a movie theater: the giant screen and the surround sound. Free Guy It is an experience worthy of being admired in those conditions.

Everything seems to indicate that the Ryan Reynolds will come to streaming Star+, property of Disney, where the Mouse House plans to carry all the content of Fox that is not considered “just familiar”. Free Guy has a special place reserved in this service that will be available in Latin America at the end of August.

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When can we expect to see Free Guy through the platform Star+? The release date in that medium it would be close to the end of the year. Of course, the success of the film points to it becoming one of the great attractions of the service with all the absurd humor of Ryan Reynolds, the unbridled action and all the surprises that the film has in store for its audience.

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