When is The New Mutants coming to Disney +?

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The New Mutants is a film that suffered many delays in its original release until its imminent arrival in the streaming platform Disney+. A bit of history: Principal photography for the film began on July 10, 2017, and most of the work was done at Metfield State Hospital. Filming ended on September 16 of that same year. The plan was to release the film on April 13, 2018, however that schedule was canceled to prevent the film from competing with Deadpool 2.

That wasn’t the only delay the film suffered. Subsequently, it was delayed to August 2, 2019 so as not to collide with the latest installment of the X-Men, Dark Phoenix. Then, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox which meant bad news for The New Mutants: It would not hit theaters until August 28, 2020, as a result of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

The New Mutants: terror y superhéroes

The film tells the story of a group of young mutants who are imprisoned in a secret facility against their will. The idea is that these characters, who experienced tragedies as a result of their condition, learn to control their powers in the hospital where they are trapped. They believe that they are being trained to become part of the group of heroes known as the X-Men. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The film stars Anya Taylor Joy, recognized by Lady’s Gambit; Maisie Williams who participated in Game of Thrones; Alice Braga, popular for having been part of La Queen of the south; Henry Zaga, did the same in Teen Wolf and Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things, among others. A cast of promising youngsters who left their mark on the industry and will surely follow the path of success.

Mutants in action. Photo: IMDb.

The New Mutants will arrive for free at Disney+ next September 15, when we discover the mysteries behind the confinement of these five characters, who will have to deal with the sins of their past in a horror framework that highlights the film within the superhero genre as something “different”.

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