when is the premiere and who are the new entrants

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Acapulco Shore It will return to the screens on December 15 at 10 pm Mexico and 11 pm Colombia on MTV with new members. The reallity was recorded in Cartagena and San Andrés Island, Colombia, will have new scandals.

Who are the participants of Acapulco Shore 9?

Mannequins González: a veteran vacationer who clarified her resignation after establishing a formal relationship with Jawy.

Karime Pindter: more famous as The Matrioshka. She was a part of every season since 2014 and even had a fun celebration for “her XV years” of reality career.

Xavier Rulibarri: who claimed to have “many unfinished business out there” in an Instagram comment.

Fernanda Lozada: Identified as Papi Shore, he loves extreme sports and travel and was in the first three installments of the reality show.

Méndez dishes, who was in the seventh season.

Leslie Gallardo: He appeared on the fifth season of Acapulco Shore at age 18.

Luis Alejandro: famous as Jawy, who put together a symbolic wedding to Manelyk at the end of season 7.

Jailyn Castellanos: the first transsexual girl to be part of the Acapulco Shore vacation, she hails from Guadalajara.

Alba Zepeda:, was present on the eighth season of Acapulco Shore 8 and formed a fraternal friendship with Beni Falcón and Eddie Shobert.

Beni Falcón:, a peaceful young man who likes to meditate and also got the nickname Tuluminati for his “Zen” personality during the eighth season.

What is Acapulco Shore about?

Acapulco Shore is an adaptation of the American reality show Jersey Shore and managed to position itself as its successor. So much so that eight seasons have already been reached. During the program, the participants expose their most intimate side and lose their shyness.

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In this reality show, alcohol, flirting, insolence and degeneracy are the order of the day, so the production must make sure to choose only the best partygoers in its next edition.

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