When is the third season of New Amsterdam coming to Netflix?

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The streaming service Netflix has the ability to achieve greater popularity in content that in other places do not have as many viewers, and that is the case of New Amsterdam. This medical drama arrived in February of this year on the platform with its two seasons and is part of the most viewed worldwide. Fans have already seen it and are looking forward to part 3 of the story. When it premieres?

“In Season 3, Max and his team are faced with the daunting task of maintaining that optimism as they grapple with a pandemic that exposed the huge inequalities in our healthcare. Max is no longer content to fix a broken system. He is determined to tear it down and build something better “, says the official synopsis of part 3 of the program.

As the advancement of the new installment mentions, the Coronavirus pandemic will be an important protagonist within the plot, since we will see the medical team in the first line of risk with hundreds of patients per day. The disease will be very present at all times within the narrative, putting the hospital to the test all the time, although there will be other important situations outside of Covid-19.

The new episodes officially premiered on March 2, through NBC in the United States, where it aired until June 8. We know that you can currently see them through Fox Spain, from June 2, if you are in the country of the old continent. However, we still hope it reaches other territories, such as Latin America.

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+ When does the third season of New Amsterdam premiere on Netflix?

As with other American productions, Netflix You must wait for the broadcast of the new chapters to finish, and this is already a fact. Noting the success on the platform this year, being the fourth most chosen series by users, it may be available this year. What is certain is that your rights now belong to Disney and can also be part of STAR Plus, streaming that will arrive on August 31.

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