When the new episodes of Arcane are released. When the second act of Arcane is released

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Produced by Riot Games, Arcane became one of the most recent hits of Netflix. The series inspired by the online video game known as League of Legends began last Saturday with a three-episode first act. Unlike the platform releases that usually arrive with all their full seasons, this story was divided into three acts of three episodes, each of which will be released weekly.

Next Saturday, November 13, the second act on this story will be seen starring two champions of the League of Legends. In this sense, the connoisseurs of the video game clarify that if you know it, you enjoy it more, but that it is not necessary to have played it or know the story to enjoy this new animation created by Christian Link and Alex Yee.

The story of Arcane shows to We already Jinx, two sisters who live separately in different cities that are facing each other. One is the modern Piltover, and the other, the devastated Zaun. In its cast appear stars like Hailee Sanfield, which will soon be seen as part of a new series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hawkeye.

This November 13, the second act will be available from 2 AM in Mexico, 3 AM in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru, 4 AM in Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, and 5 AM in Argentina, Brazil , Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The third and last act will arrive only on November 20, with the episodes that go from 7 to 9 that, for now, will put an end to the saga.

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What is League of Legends?

If you are not a regular user of video games or you like them but have never tried the League of Legends, you may want to have a little information about this product before viewing Arcane. The video game shows two factions of ten that make themselves known as champions and face each other with the aim of entering and destroying the rival structure, known as Nexus.

A Riot Games, the company behind the video game launched in 2009, it took almost a decade to get this production ready. They knew it was going to be an absolute success thanks to the reception it had within the world of sports, where it is one of the most popular competitions that came to have final broadcasts to more than 100 million users around the world.

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