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The Netflix series continues to rank as one of the most watched content in the world and fans want to see more. When is the second season for?

When does the second season of The Squid Game premiere?


© NetflixWhen does the second season of The Squid Game premiere?

The Squid Game has become the latest international streaming service phenomenon Netflix, after its premiere on September 17. This is a pleasant surprise for the platform, since a similar event has not been seen since The Money Heist, which is already nearing completion, and Dark, which culminated in 2020. Its success is in sight, so season two would be a positive response for fans.

The program was created and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, who has confessed that the script began to be written in 2008, so there are more than twelve years of preparation for its release. The project took longer than expected due to two reasons: lack of funds for the budget and the choice of actors. Finally, in 2018 streaming accepted to carry out its idea and today it is being recognized.

Official synopsis of The Squid Game: “Several people at risk of exclusion and with serious financial problems receive a mysterious invitation to participate in a game. 456 contestants of all kinds and conditions end up locked in a secret place where they must compete in several games to win 45.6 billion won. It’s about traditional Korean children’s games (red light, green light, etc.), but the losers die. Who will win and what is the point of the game? “.

Alice in Borderland, Battle Royale and As the God Will were some of the Japanese comics in which Hwang Dong-hyuk was inspired to start the script for his fiction. In addition, it was based on traditional children’s games in South Korea, using interesting symbols, which have a meaning: “I thought the game was a perfect metaphor for our highly competitive society.”, he told The Cinemaholic.

+ When does the second season of The Squid Game premiere?

For the moment Netflix has not reported anything about a second season of The Squid Game, since they take 28 days to observe the audience numbers and there they will announce whether or not there will be a continuation. Seeing that it remains the most watched series on streaming in the world, the new episodes could arrive soon..

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