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When Will The Garfield Movie Stream? It Could Be Soon

There was no way anyone could have predicted just how big The Garfield Movie would be. Recent reports have come out about how the film has quadrupled its budget.

Since the movie was also released over Memorial Day weekend, a lot of people had days off or wanted to spend time with their kids. The obvious choice would be to head to the movies and see The Garfield Movie.

Ultimately as a parent, you probably have an idea or have thoughts on Garfield, and your little ones are introduced to an entirely new character. Frankly, this feels like we’re seeing a Garfield renaissance and honestly, there’s something beautiful about that.

If you’re someone who either didn’t want to go to the theater or just wanted to wait to watch The Garfield Movie in the privacy of your own house, then you’re bound to be excited about this possible streaming update shared on X/Twitter.

We’re going to include the tweet below but the thing I have to note is that this hasn’t been confirmed by Sony. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from speculating and being excited about what’s to come potentially so here’s the tweet.

If that Tweet is to be believed, then The Garfield Movie will begin streaming on July 9th, 2024. It feels like the movie was just in theaters so this seems like an incredibly quick turnaround. Then again, maybe streaming is hoping to cash in on families spending time together since it’s close to the 4th of July and thus people are on vacation.

Whether this rumor is true or not, it is yet to be confirmed, and no doubt a lot of people are anxiously waiting for The Garfield Movie to hit streaming. 2024 has truly felt like a hotbed of amazing movies for parents, pet lovers, and otherwise to enjoy. We can only hope that this trend continues into the rest of the year and maybe into 2025. Regardless of how you personally felt about the movie, it’s clear The Garfield Movie was every bit as popular as the studio had hoped.

Will you be streaming The Garfield Movie if it drops on July 9th?