Where are all the downed satellites in CoD Warzone

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Call of Duty: Warzone made some adjustments to the playable area of ​​Verdansk 1984 with the arrival of Season 4. The battle royale map places a series of downed satellites around some key points, serving as cover and supply points.

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Where are all the downed satellites in Call of Duty: Warzone

During the event Ground Fall, you will be able to obtain codes that will give you access to high-value loot, including a special UAV, 90-second advanced UAV, a supply pack or an armor truck, although the latter is very rarely distributed.

There are four satellites down all over Verdansk. If you open the minimap and zoom in, you will see that some points have different details compared to last season. Then we leave you with them.


In the first farmland of Farmland in front of the Prison. It has no loss: it is right in the center, the accident can be seen from afar. It gives variety to this area that until now was an esplanade as a complement to the main town.

Bloc 18

Do you remember the police station to the right of the bridge that connects to the bunkers near Bloc 18? In the river (which before Black Ops Cold War was frozen) you will see a fallen satellite. The debris arrives near the road that gives access to the fire station.


On the way to the old Dam, which is now known as Summit, follow the river that runs over the airport. You will find it just before the fork in front of the big bridge. From the airport control tower, head northeast.

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Mount Bridge

The bridge that connects the Promenade gas station with Downtown is broken by the fall of the satellite. That bridge gives access to the Nakatomi Plaza. You will have to go down to the canal to access the main debris of this satellite.

Fountain: CoD Warzone


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