Where are the audios that WhatsApp saves on the mobile and how to recover them

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Many of us welcomed it as a strange novelty, why send a voice message while being able to write? But as always happens with news, there is a period of adaptation, and nowadays, there are those who for months -years- who no longer write on WhatsApp, they only send audios.

Voice notes, a very low-weight audio file that is recorded quickly and sent immediately, they are one of the star functions of WhatsApp, but did you know that all the ones you send and receive are stored on your smartphone?

Find the WhatsApp notes folder on mobile

All the multimedia material that you send and receive through WhatsApp is available in the app’s chat because is stored in the phone memory, either in the internal storage space or on a microSD card -if it has a slot and you have one inserted.

If you are looking for a particular voice note, you can search for it in that folder and save it, send it by email, services such as WeTransfer, even use it as a melody, etc.

To find those audios in your terminal you must do the following:

  1. Find and open the Android File Explorer. You can choose to go to Settings> Storage> Internal Storage (If it does not appear, click on the icon at the top left of Storage Settings) > Explore, and with that you will see the folders saved internally.
  2. Another option is to search among the mobile icons if you have a folder called Utilities and / or an icon called My Files, which acts as a direct access to the save space
  3. Once in the internal storage of the mobile, scroll down looking for the general folder of WhatsApp
  4. Enter and you will see several. You are interested in the one that says Media
  5. Inside this you will see a large number of folders, each one dedicated to a specific multimedia content of the app, whether they are wallpapers, animated GIFs, etc. Scroll down until you find a call WhatsApp Voice Notes.
  6. Again sorted by folders, you have all the voice notes that you have sent and received through WhatsApp -If you have been doing it for years with the same mobile, you will have a good number of folders. Some will be in old codecs like.AAC, and the newest ones in .OPUS.
  7. You may also not find that folder in Internal Storage, so if when you open My Files you get between several categories the Audio, enter and one of the folders will be WhatsApp Audio.
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Play WhatsApp voice memos

If you want to listen to WhatsApp audio notes outside of the app, you may need a player that supports those audio formats. We recommend you OPUS Player, one of the most versatile and that also has its own file manager to manage, delete, exchange or organize the notes on the mobile.

Download OPUS WhatsApp Player for Android

NOTICE: It does not work if you have deleted the audio from WhatsApp

An important note: in case you have deleted a voice note from WhatsApp and you are looking for how to recover it, looking for it in its original folder will not be valid if you have given Delete Multimedia from Mobile. I mean: if you have deleted it directly from the WhatsApp chat, because that command from the app causes the note to be removed from the terminal’s storage.


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