Where can Parot be seen in Latin America?

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The arrival of new platforms streaming to Latin America, offer a greater variety of contents for users who often miss out on well-known series or movies because they are not at hand. But little by little that begins to be left behind and the catalogs are expanded with new proposals. In this sense, one of the companies will offer a successful Spanish series in its country for the entire continent: Parot.

For those who enjoy the productions of the land of great stars like Pedro Almodóvar, this police drama it is perfect. For 10 suspenseful and investigative chapters, the political and social thriller is based on the cancellation of the Parot doctrine by the Strasbourg Court in 2013. What was the main consequence? The liberation of almost a hundred terrorists, rapists and murderers.

When and where will Parot be seen?

From August 20th, the series will be available in Paramount+, ViacomCBS’s premium service, which recently landed in Latin America to offer a catalog that includes products from Paramount Pictures, Smithsonian Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, CBS, BET and Showtime. In particular, this production was created by Pilar Nadal and directed by Rafael Montesinos and Gustavo Ron.

The series shows about the annulment of the Parot doctrine by the Strasbourg Court in 2013 (Paramount).

Why should you see Parot?

One of the reasons why you have to watch the series is its great distribution. If you like Spanish productions, you will surely meet a few familiar faces. Its main actress is Adriana ugarte, protagonist of Juliet of Almodóvar and programs like The time between seams and Chopped. Also, Javier Albalá (Syndrome), Ivan Massegué (The hole), Blanca Portillo (Broken Embraces), Patricia Vico (One hundred years of forgiveness) and Michael Brown (Passion of Hawks).


The cast is led by Adriana Ugarte, Javier Albalá and Ivan Massagué (Paramount).

This production by ViacomCBS International Studios, RTVE and Onza immerses itself fully in the themes that crossed Spain in 2013, such as the justice by own hand or post-abuse trauma. After nearly 100 prisoners are released, the families of the victims organize protests against so much injustice. But something surprises society: the corpses of the criminals appear with an anonymous note stating: “Sentence carried out.” The investigation of this event becomes gripping from start to finish, making Parot one of the Spanish series required to schedule.

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