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Mike Flanagan’s new series is on the podium of the most watched on Netflix, right behind The Squid Game and Sex Education. Several actors have already worked with this director, but where did you see them before?

Midnight Mass is composed of seven episodes.


© NetflixMidnight Mass is composed of seven episodes.

Mike Flanagan made horror fans fall in love again with his new miniseries Midnight mass. Its seven episodes reached Netflix last week and the production is currently among the most watched on the platform. In Argentina, for example, it is in third place, just behind The Squid Game and Sex Education, which launched its third season and during the virtual event Tudum confirmed that he will have a fourth.

Flanagan He usually works with the same actors in each of the projects he carries out, and from the success of The Curse of Hill House he won the prestige so that they let him choose without any problems. From that series onwards, he repeated several of the actors in his different projects, as in the case of Kate Siegel, Rahul Kohli, Henry Thomas O Annabeth Gish, to mention a few cases. But where did you see all these actors before?

Kate Siegel

Kate Siegel, in charge of interpreting Erin who is pregnant and will be a single mother, something not very well seen by the Christian community, is one of those who returned to share the set with Mike Flanagan. The actress does not have too many roles outside the universe of this director and her great steps were seen in films such as Hush and the aforementioned series The Curse of Hill House.

Zach Gilford

Riley begins the series sentenced to prison for a homicide in a car accident. He is immediately seen returning to the island, in a clear allusion to the parable of the prodigy son. Before you see it in this role, you probably have it from steps like Drunk History, the production of Comedy Central that recreates historical events narrated by drunks, or the saga of The purge, thanks to your passage through Anarchy.

Rahul Kohli

Rahul Kohli gives life to the segregated sheriff of the town, questioned for his beliefs as a Muslim. Besides having been in The Curse of Bly Manor, fans of superheroes probably know him from the animated series of Harley Quinn, where he voiced Scarecrow for several episodes.

Hamish Linklater

Hamish Linklater was the father Paul In this series, the person in charge of supplying the Monsignor Pruitt, and it was one of the great acting revelations with impeccable work. Before seeing it in this series, surely you have found it in Fargo, during the third season, where it was Larue Dollard. But if you are a fan of X-Men, you will remember it as Clark DeBussy on Legion.

Samantha Sloyan

The work of Sloyan like the detestable Bev Keane is as remarkable as that of Linklater. Samantha It is also one of the ones he has already worked with Mike Flanagan at other times but surely you remember her for her role in one of the most important medical dramas in television history. For 20 episodes it was Penelope Blake on Grey’s Anatomy.

Annabeth Gish

Sarah She is the Crockett Island doctor and one of the island’s skeptics. Before seeing her in this role by the hand of Mike Flanagan, you probably remember her for what she did in Sons of Anarchy. But if one work must be highlighted, it was the various episodes he made in The X-Files since 2001, one of the series that influenced this new miniseries of Netflix.

Igby Rigney

Warren he is the younger brother of Riley and one of the altar boys in the parish who, when he is not with his friends, helps his father on the fishing boat. It is one of the first great works of this young actor who had a small step through the last film of Fast and Furious, where it was a younger version of Jesse.

Kristin Lehman

Annie Is the mother of Riley and the one who seems most convinced that her son deserves a second chance after the terrible act he committed. You may have seen this actress in various fictions, but one of the most prominent was The Killing, where he played Gwen Eaton for more than 25 episodes.

Michael Trucco

Don’t let the mustache fool you. TO Michael Trucco, responsible for playing the mayor of Crockett Island, you have seen him several times. Surely his face sounds like The Big Bang Theory, where he was a handsome scientist from whom Penny fell in love momentarily, but the most remembered role was played in How I met your mother, where he was Nick for several episodes and had an affair with Robin.

Henry Thomas

The fetish actor of Mike Flanagan it is Henry Thomas. He was in practically everything he produced, both with minor roles and in Doctor Sleep O Gerald’s Game, as with more important roles in The Curse of Hill House and The Curse of Bly Manor. In charge of interpreting Ed, the father of Riley, it is impossible that you do not recognize him for his leading role in one of the most important films in history: ET The Extra-Terrestrial.

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