Where is Brandi Passante Now?

If you are a reality show watcher, you must have heard about Storage Wars.

Storage Wars is an immensely famous show that began airing in 2010. What makes it interesting is its unique plot. The reality series is set in California. If someone doesn’t pay rent at their storage locker for over three months, the facility may sell it at an auction. Following this, some professional buyers bid on these lockers. Others own thrift shops and use the contents of values to fill them.

Series Art

However, there is a catch: Before the locker is auctioned, the buyers are given five minutes to inspect the contents from the doorway, but they cannot enter the locker or touch any of their items.

The unconventional plot of the show has gathered a massive fan following. It has drama and many captivating characters. The most favorite of the fans is Brandi Passante.

Brandi Passante appeared with her former lover and business partner, Jarrod Schulz. Throughout the series, the duo successfully maintained a reputation for being charismatic, calculative, and X-rated. Brandi became the brightest star. She doesn’t star on the show anymore, which makes the fans curious to know what their favorite is up to these days.

We tried to collect information about Brandi Passante. Read below to know.

Where is Brandi Passante From?

Brandi Passante was born in 1980 in Harris County, Texas. Not much information about her early life is available on the internet. Even the star herself has not disclosed much about her personal life except that she wished to become a professional cook.

Before joining Storage Wars, Brandi was a carpet cleaner. She began her carpet cleaning career in 1999.

Brandi and her Partner Appeared in many Episodes

Brandi, with her partner, Jarrod, appeared in over 260 episodes of Storage War. Yes, you heard it right!

They were shown as hunters with minimal financial resources in their early days. However, the woman was a strong personality, and throughout the series, she maintained her ‘take no prisoners’ attitude while dealing with the challenges.

According to her, “I have to turn around my scores swiftly because they pay for the next auction. I wouldn’t be able to bid again unless I flip the products.”

Slowly, the series gained prominence, and Brandi and her partner came out as the strongest duo.

An Insight into their Personal Life

The couple met in 1999 through a mutual friend when Brandi was associated with the carpet cleaning company. It was Brandi who took the initiative and approached Jarrod. The couple dated for two decades, however, didn’t marry. They share two children, Cameron and Payton.

The duo separated before starting season 12 and announced it in 2018.

Managing the professional and personal life of the couple was a task. The reality star had to take care of numerous things, like taking long drives to shoot locations and getting up early in the morning to do the chores. Soon, both of them realized that their personal and professional lives were conflicting too much, and because of this they also experienced the downside of being together every moment.

It would be fair to say that Brandi Passante outgrew her relationship with Jarrod and vice versa. Although the duo parted ways, they appeared together in the show for many further episodes.

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Brandi Passante has Been a Part of Controversy Too!

You ought to find yourself in the clutches of one controversy or the other if you are a famous star, and the same thing happened with Brandi. In 2013, Brandi filed a lawsuit over an adult video controversy.

In 2010, a foreign distributor, Hunter Moore, created a site ‘Is Anyone Up’. It mostly showcased the idea of revenge pornography, which includes clients transferring explicit pictures or recordings of their exes to mortify them openly. Unfortunately, Brandi became the victim of this concept and her video was leaked on the internet. She sued its owner and claimed $2.5 million in damages. The video was later taken down.

Moore and his programmer associate were condemned to jail for cybercrimes associated with the site, and the website was shut down.

When Brandi Began to Find the Show too Taxing

To Brandi, fame was surprising. However, keeping up with it was a chore. When she was with Jarrod on the show, the couple was unprepared for the long working hours and daunting tasks that came with the fame.

When she realized she couldn’t balance the odds, Brandi took a big decision. She decided to temporarily leave the show. In the meantime, she and her partner appeared on their own spinoff, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job.

When Jarrod was Charged with a Count of Domestic Battery

After parting ways, the duo continued appearing in the series. For Brandi, it was difficult to run into her ex-partner during auctions. She felt discomforted. While attending a friendly gathering, the two engaged in a verbal spat. Soon their argument turned physical and violent when Jarrod allegedly shoved a shocked Brandi twice.

Brandi revealed that such behavior on the part of her ex-partner was one of the reasons for putting an end to their relationship. Jarrod, however, vehemently disputed Brandi’s allegation. But soon, he was charged with domestic battery for what transpired that night. The network airing their show, too, set in motion an inquiry into his alleged behavior.

Per reports, the network took action against Jarrod. He also remained absent from the 14th season.

Brandi Teamed up with Another Contestant

Brandi’s ex-partner’s absence from the reality show became less conspicuous by the arrival of her newest teammate, Bozek. He had already been familiar with the show. His brief time on the popular reality series was enough to bring him notoriety.

The reality TV star has also teamed up with others on the show. However, out of all, Brandi and Bozek came out to be quite a successful pair. Their partnership paid off on a figurative and literal basis. In one of the episodes of the 14th season, Brandi raked in thousands of dollars after a good call by Bozek.

Where is Brandi Now?

Although she has been a big star, a lot had happened to Brandi in her personal life, especially in her relationship with Jarrod and the controversy she experienced.

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Her breakup left deep psychological wounds on her mental health. She had to even visit a therapist to heal herself from the trauma. The couple had a strong bond that lasted two decades, and breaking up left her shattered. As of now, she is just going with the flow.

In her words, “I am kind of coming into my own and figuring out who I am.”

In an interview in 2021, the star addressed buzzing rumors about her relationship status. She denied having any sort of attachment with anyone at the time. She did admit that she had gone on many dates, but at the same time, she was not seeking out a relationship.

Brandi is thriving at her own pace.

What is Brandi Passante’s Net Worth?

Brandi Passante has a handsome bank balance. She enjoys a whopping $2 million as her net worth.

Impressive indeed.

Can I Follow Brandi on Instagram?

Yes, you can follow Brandi Passante on Instagram. She has a whopping 395k followers.

Know More About Brandi Passante

She is a Devoted Single Mother

Although Brandi and Jarrod never married, they welcomed two children. Brandi is a devoted single mother to her kids. In an interview, she revealed that she had always done a lot of parenting on her own. Initially, she found it daunting, but now she enjoys being a single mother.

She also opined that raising children while simultaneously satisfying her professional goals has made her a better parent.

The Star is Mindful of Her Children’s Privacy

Brandi Passante enjoys enormous stardom. But she doesn’t let it reach her children. It is what the mother is most particular about. Brandi remains mindful of the privacy of her children. She has a social media account, but she doesn’t post her children’s photos on it.

Brandi is Heavily Involved in Charity Work

The reality show may have netted her fame and fortune; however, the star ensures she gives back in equal measure. Brandi keeps herself grounded by involving in charity work. She channels her energy and celebrity status to help the needy section of society.

Brandi, who has been a victim of domestic violence herself, is quite vocal about violence against women, and her charitable deeds help women who have faced such instances in their lives. She has extended her time and money to the charitable organization, Women’s Own Worth (WOW). She hosted the yearly fundraising event for the organization and helped them secure over $100,000 in donations.

Brandi has Autoimmune Disease

Brandi shares various life updates with her fans on Instagram. For instance, she once shared how she contracted Covid-19 and also shared the news of her dad’s passing away.


The star took her IG to share another important update about her health. Brandi Passate has a chronic illness that she kept under wraps from viewers for a long time. She suffers from an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Disease.

Under it, your immune system mistakes your body for a threat and strikes your thyroid gland. This illness causes her voice to become a little raspy.

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A Staunch Supporter for Disability Rights

Time and again, Brandi Passante uses her social media account to promote noble causes and focus on several issues, including disability rights. Her advocacy for disability rights stems from the hardships of her own family. She talked about the same with a prominent disability advocate, Danny Jordan, on his show The Dad Diary.

Brandi is a Passionate Cook

We already mentioned that Brandi wanted to be a professional chef when she was young. The star is extremely passionate about cooking. She admits that when she is not doing anything, she cooks. She also stated that she can prepare many dishes with great expertise. Being a Sicilian, Chicken Stroganoff is her favorite.

Her Daughter was Born Deaf

Brandi and Jarrod’s daughter, Payton, was born deaf, and with a cleft palate. The child had to undergo surgery many times.

Her son, Cameron, too experienced health issues. He had a condition that required him to visit a urologist periodically and undergo ultrasounds. He had to go through multiple surgeries. As of now, both the children are hail and hearty.

Brandi is Regularly Podcasting her Experiences

It would be fair to say that Brandi Passante has conquered the realm of reality television. Besides this, the star is also mastering the podcasting domain.

If you are her die-hard fan, listen to her podcast, Happening Now with Hammer. She is a regular on this podcast, along with her two hosts, Hammer and Troy Davis. The podcast covers an eclectic mix of topics oscillating between entertainment, real-life discussions, social issues, and whatnot!

Brandi began her run on the podcast in June 2021.

She was Arrested for Drinking and Driving

Not many people know this, but Brandi Passante was once arrested for drinking and driving. The incident occurred in 2007, wherein she was found guilty of drunk driving and sentenced to three years’ probation. She had to pay $390 in fine. Not only this, Brandi was also required to attend the First Offender Alcohol Program for three months.

Brandi Passante has a Strange Phobia

While interacting with her fans on the social media platform, Brandi revealed that she suffers from a phobia.

“I am terrified of escalators, positive they eat toes. I hold my breath every time I am on one.”

She also suffers from motion sickness which makes being on an escalator even more uncomfortable for her. She hates spinning rides but loves roller coasters.

Brandi Doesn’t Wear a lot of Makeup

It happens very rarely that you spot a celebrity with very little or no makeup. Unlike other stars, Brandi doesn’t like wearing a lot of makeup. According to her, she doesn’t wear lipstick as she has chicken lips that make her lipstick look ridiculous.

She has a Great Memory

Brandi says she has a fantastic memory and a knack for trivia. Once upon a time, she even mentioned how her brain is full of ridiculous facts that are irrelevant to most situations of life.

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