Where is Logroño, the city that gives its name to the new character of La Casa de Papel

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The fifth season of The Money Heist It was released in style. It was on September 3 when Netflix added the first volume of the latest edition of this Spanish series. In the first five episodes the adrenaline, the fight for freedom and new challenges for the band were the main part of the plot. The Professor managed to release his “storm pond”But still couldn’t save one of his own.

The loss of Tokio (Úrsula Corberó) was a very hard blow for everyone. However, in this edition of The Money Heist, beyond the drama that plagued the season, sarcasm could not be lacking either. The characters, each and every one of them, always have the occasional moment to make fun of each other in an ironic way and, of course, this time it was paramount.

But, one of the scripts that resonated the most was when Inspector Sierra (Najwa Nimri) met the character of Benjamín (Ramón Aguirre) and, unaware of him, asked him: “and who are you? Logroño?”. But, it must be remembered that the Manila father does not have a city name, but uses his true identity despite being part of the El Professor band.

However, now, for the fans, this city has been captured in their minds and, therefore, for all the followers of the famous series, Logroño is now an essential part of the strip. That is why, from Spoiler, we tell you where this new city is, which is now part of the most famous and feared band of robbers in Spain.

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Where is Logroño, the new city of La Casa de Papel:

It is a city and municipality located in the north of Spain. Moving away from the ordinary when naming foreign capitals, on this occasion, the strip opted for a local name. Logroño has historically been a place of passage and crossroads and it is also the capital of the autonomous community of La Rioja. This city has 151,136 inhabitants, which makes it the one with the largest population, at least since 2019.

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