Where is the beach from the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio?

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The beach is a film from the year 2000 starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tilda Swinton, Virginie Ledoyen and Guillaume Canet. The director is the recognized Danny Boyle, responsible for the cult tape Trainspotting. The film follows the story of Richard, a young American who is in Thailand and look for a mythical beach that is a paradise on Earth. Together with a French couple, Francoise y Étienne, they arrive at the place and settle in their community.

The beach where they are found is a place of incomparable natural beauty. Its inhabitants live outside the system thanks to an agreement they have with a group of drug traffickers. The reality is that the lifestyle does have a price that little by little they will discover. Where is this place?

Where is the beach from the DiCaprio movie?

The movie of DiCaprio promoted tourism to Thailand and transformed the country into one of the favorite destinations of those who seek earthly paradises. Maya Bay en Koh Phi Phi It is the right place if you want to visit the location of the film. Attentive! The Thai government closes it every so often to take care of its fauna and flora.

The truth is that the island is not anonymous and you will not be able to escape the lifestyle of post-modern society in a community far from current obligations. But the beauty that this place has is true and transforms this beach into a destination highly visited by tourists.

What happened to the movie of Danny Boyle? The community ended up dissolving after their leader was willing to assassinate Richard to keep the island secret. The price of paradise is high and this group of people decided that enough had already been done. If you travel to Thailand and you find yourself on that beach, remember: You are lucky to be out of the script of the film!

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