Where to buy or reserve PS5 and how to know which stores have stock; best tips and tricks

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You want a PS5 and either you couldn’t get it after its launch last November, or you have a friend or acquaintance who wants to buy one and jump into the new generation of Sony consoles. We are sorry to say that there is no magic wand; the supply of the console is currently well below demand, both in Spain as in the rest of the world. However, there are a number of accounts, tools Y channels They can give us a hand to let us know at the minute, as soon as there is stock in a store again. That is what we are looking for with this article, give you a hand.

Initial considerations

At this point, it is easier to respond to how to know if there is stock what when will there be stock of PS5. Although it seems obvious, we begin with an explanation so that any interested party understands how things work with the distribution of units in stores: not all stores receive PlayStation 5 units at the same time or in the same quantities.

Needless to say, throughout this article, we will only recommend channels, stores, and tools that we believe are reliable. If there is any news in this regard, we will notify you. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague not only in health, but also compromises international production and distribution cycles, slowing down the normal flow of sales. Japanese companies have especially suffered from the pandemic in the industrial field.

PS5 stock in Spain: how to know if there is or will be stock

Having said all the above, let’s move on to the recommendations, which we are going to divide into three types and categories; each with its particularities. Choose the one (or those that) suit you best:

  1. Channels of Twitter/Telegram that the stores monitor.
  2. Official Twitter accounts from specialized stores or department stores.
  3. Monitoring tools via extension in browsers.
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Twitter / Telegram channels that monitor stores

More and more accounts are using social networks to alert (almost literally) their followers to offers, bargains, new stock of out-of-stock products, etc. It is a totally recommendable method because they dedicate themselves to that; In other words, when there is stock, they will know and communicate it.

It goes without saying that these channels can use their own Affiliate Code, so that, if you buy a product through a URL provided by these sites, they perceive a economic commission. If so, this does not affect the buyer, the price of the product is the same; but it benefits financially the one who provides that information and benefits you, of course, that you have done with your game or console. As they say in Anglo-Saxon lands, a win-win. Recommended channels (MeriStation does not maintain any type of affiliation with these channels).

How does it work?

Very simple, you can follow them on their social network account Twitter, activate notifications or simply stop by their timeline occasionally. Similarly, in Telegram It is possible to activate offers (it operates as a kind of WhatsApp contact, with the exception that Telegram is more versatile in tools and facilitates the readability of links or offers with images).

Stores where we can buy PS5: GAME, Amazon …

Virtually all stores are interested in selling PS5, but not all tend to have units with the same frequency or in the same quantities. Next, we leave links to the product sheets of the websites that do not operate through social networks and those that do, where you can follow and click on the the bell.

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Web monitoring tools

Currently, there are extensions in web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that monitor the Amazon portal for provide the best possible price for each product, compare the price with preceding times or alert when the desired price is reached. CamelCamelCamel it is a well known one. It requires linking the account with that portal and it is free.

“The prices and availability of the products correspond to the date / time indicated and may be subject to change. The information on prices and availability applied will be that indicated at the time of purchase on Amazon ”, they indicate. Needless to say, like the accounts initially cited, CamelCamelCamel indicates on its website that they are Amazon Associate and receive a economic commission for purchases.

PS5 debuted in a big way in Spain: record for a home console PlayStation

“We want to thank all players for making PS5 our biggest console launch ever,” Sony said after the release of the console, which sold more than 43,000 PS5 units in Spain during its first week; of which 38,000 correspond to the model with a disc reader. Record for a domestic PlayStation console in our country. Until further notice, there will only be stock online, not in stores.

Sony’s goal is for the transition to be quick, so they plan to distribute as many PS5s as possible this year 2021 and have a lot of games in their first year. To highlight, said by the Japanese firm, for this calendar we can expect works such as Horizon: Forbidden West, a new installment of God of War, Gran Turismo 7, Returnal O Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, among others.

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You can check out all the PlayStation 5 launch games here.


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