Where to see Shiva Baby, the LGBT comedy that you cannot miss

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As every June 28, the International LGBT Pride Day and in Spoiler we have a recommendation to make you. If you really like cunning comedies full of irony, then you have to see that Shiva Baby, the debut of Emma Seligman. It is a feature film that not only gives us a look at bisexuality but also builds an interesting story about religion and family. We tell you where to see it online.

Shiva Baby, an unmissable LGBT comedy

The trailer is already interesting from the beginning. Already in that first approach you can see the detail with which the scenes are filmed accompanied by an impeccable direction of actors. Shiva Baby it is a maddening comedy, witty and necessary for these times. It follows the life of a young Jewish university student named Danielle, who is asked by her mother to please attend the funeral (also called Shiva) of a person close to the family who is never quite sure who she is.

Danielle studies gender at university, but she doesn’t really have much idea of ​​what she wants to do with her life like millions of young people in their twenties. The truth is that much to his regret he goes to that celebration knowing that there he will meet Maya, the girl who is dating, who seems to be the complete opposite of her. He studies law and has a stable job, something that makes the older members of the family feel more comfortable.

Something that Danielle will not imagine is that there she will also meet her lover, who is unknowingly married and has a son who is only months old. That will be the beginning of an endless tangle that will threaten to make us lose our patience, but always keeping our attention throughout the 70 minutes that it lasts.

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There are several points in favor of Shiva Baby. The debut of Emma SeligmanThe 26-year-old is so cleverly structured that it immerses us without objection within that shiva from the start. Not only is it an interesting opportunity to learn more about Jewish celebrations in detail, but it also gives us an open view of bisexuality.

It must be said that still, unfortunately, few are the characters that we have been able to see in the cinema or on television who are bisexual. “I always knew that I wanted Danielle to be bisexual, that was not in dispute”, Seligman expressed in dialogue with MUBI. Another point that the film scores is the masterful performance of Rachel Sennott, a comedian without a doubt with a great future.

Rachel Sennott stars in Shiva Baby (IMDb)

Where to watch Shiva Baby online

If you are interested in seeing Shiva Baby online, the film is available on the platform MUBI. The distributor offers a free 7-day trial so that you can see the catalog and decide to hire it or not. The subscription price is $300 in Argentina per month although you can also choose the annual payment that is $2.748 Argentine pesos too.

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