Where to watch the 2021 Emmy winning series online

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The TV equivalent of the Oscars – although platforms like Netflix have already directly blurred that line between film and television productions – the 73rd Emmy’s Awards 2021 gala was held last Sunday. And at this point we have already seen and reviewed the awards, the speeches, the most curious looks, etc, but what about the productions themselves?

Emmy winning series

If you want to see some of the brand new winners at the Emmy 2021, here we have compiled a small list so you know on which VOD platform you have them available:

The Crown

Who does not like palace intrigues, especially if there are real characters involved. That’s what it’s about The Crown, one of the Emmy winning series you can watch via Netflix. Its action focuses on England, specifically during the reign of Elizabeth II. Its progress is historic, from the Suez Crisis through the birth of Prince Edward to the rule of Margaret Thatcher.

Ted Lasso

Let’s go with a comedy, specifically the one that has stood out above the rest at the Emmy Awards. We talk about Ted Lasso who shows how different soccer is in the United States and in England. Ted was the coach of an American football team and crosses the pond to coach a team of what soccer is for them. Of course, there will be conflicts with all fronts, from the dressing room, through the press to the fans. If you want to see it you will have to subscribe to Apple TV

Ted Lasso emmy 2021

Lady gambit

It is not the first time that chess has reached the small or big screen to show how interesting it is. This is how he has done it again Dama’s Gambit, the Netflix exclusive miniseries starring an immense Anya Taylor-Joy who plays Beth Harmon, a chess promise who seeks to proclaim herself as the best player in the world who is weighed down by her unstable emotional situation as well as her problems with drugs and alcohol.

Lady's gambit emmy 2021


From the hand of HBO Hacks arrives. Its name could pass for that of a section of a social network in which they teach you to do things, but in this case it is a comedy. Here we find the relationship of Deborah Vance and Ava, who have to join forces much to their regret to carry out Vance’s shows, which have become outdated.

Hacks emmy 2021


On Netflix you can also find Halston, where Ewan McGregor gives life to the designer who named the series. And the name may not sound familiar to you, but every fashion lover knows that his contribution to the design of the 70s was enormous.

Halston emmy 2021

Mare of Easttown

Among the 2021 Emmy winning series is also Marre of Easttown, a 7-part series that you’ll find on HBO. Mare Sheehan is a detective in charge of a case in Pennsylvania, but misfortunes do not come alone and apart from the difficulty of this she will have to deal with a hectic personal life. Emmy like a cathedral to the enormous performance of a Kate Winslet who continues to prove to each role that she is one of the best actresses of the moment.

Mare of Easttown emmy 2021

Could destroy you

Recognized for its script and available on HBO, I could destroy you tells a harsh story of sexual assault that leads its protagonist to experience an irreversible change in her life, forcing her to change priorities in everything: her work, her career, her friends, her family. This series, direct in its theme, raises a reflection on sexual consent.


At the dawn of evolution, a caveman and a dinosaur on the verge of extinction create a sudden bond due to their personal tragedies, and it becomes each other’s hope. Emmy for the new work by visionary Genndy Tartakovsky, the genius of animation author of the miniseries The Clone Wars of Star Wars, Samurai Jack or the family saga Hotel Transylvania. You can watch Primal on HBO.

Primal emmy 2021


Movie version of the Broadway hit, ‘Hamilton’ combines live theater, film, and webcasting into a blend of hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and Broadway music that also becomes a lesson in American history. This tale of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton constitutes “a revolutionary moment” in the theater and is the story of America then as told by America today. Hamilton you have it available for a year on Disney +, being written, produced, starred and set to music by the artist Lin-Manuel Miranda -The Return of Mary Poppins.

Hamilton emmy 2021

RuPaul’s Drag Race

The production company VH1 is the architect of the Drag contest par excellence: RuPaul’s Drag Race. The famous contest and its presenters – with a huge RuPaul – are worthy of the Emmy by getting us backstage of the drag world, where its participants not only demonstrate what they are capable of when it comes to acting, making laugh or sewing, they also show its more human and personal facet, where to make the world aware of how hard it is, and still is, to grow up being different in terms of sexual orientation. You have all seasons on Netflix with its different versions and its unpublished scenes.


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