Which Carlos Enrique Taboada movie changed your life?

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How old were you when you first saw a horror movie directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada? Do you remember what it was? It could be Even the wind is afraid, The stone book, Blacker than night O Poison for the Fairies. CAny of these four titles was functional to immerse oneself in the style that the Mexican filmmaker printed in his horror films.

After seeing some of them, nothing was the same. In the first place because it allowed the discovery of simple stories that did not require blood, special effects and classic monsters to cause fear. Second, because they got into the psyche of the public with disturbing characters whose trait to terrorize people was to appear before the camera at the peak of the suggestion caused by the direction of Taboada (Hugo, Aunt Susana, Andrea).

The simplicity of his stories, which resemble the urban legends with which we Mexicans have grown up, allowed the screenwriter and director to create atmospheres to play with the mind of the viewer. With resources such as sound, lighting and dialogue, Taboada built four films that even traumatized hundreds of moviegoers.

Many children (now adults) grew up in fear that a little boy in a brave prince’s outfit and a white coat would appear in the forest. Many others feared ancient constructions for the panic of finding a hanged girl or a macabre old woman inside. There were also those who engendered caution when discussing witchcraft with girls present in the conversation.

Opinions agree that one of the legendary four horror films that has changed their lives Carlos Enrique Taboada in his filmography. Well, at least to appreciate Mexican cinema from another perspective. Further, adherents of these cult titles in the national cinematography report that it taught them a different way of approaching horror, which is why they were more frightened by “psychological” plots than by explicit ones, such as gore.

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People who saw them at night shows on open television, did not sleep peacefully after seeing them. From their beds they turned to the bedroom windows with anguish of hearing the wind screaming “Claudiaaaaa”, or with the discomfort of getting up to the bathroom and running into a black cat on the way.

“Hugo scared me very much”, someone who to date feels the Chinese skin as soon as he observes the infant capable of generating heart attacks in The stone book. Didn’t the end of that film paralyze you? Looking at a statue on the street, for example, was never the same again.

If your life changed with Taboada, thank him, because nowadays content on the screen hardly takes your breath away.

* In this national month you can be scared with Even the wind is afraid on Tubi’s platform.

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