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Which is the Latin American country that produces the most for Netflix

Netflix It has a presence in more than 190 countries and it is almost impossible to count the number of original titles in a catalog that is expanded from month to month. In Latin America, productions of the stature of The House of Flowers or the recent The kingdom, but if we have to talk about countries in particular, there is one that stands out above the rest. Mexico seems to be the home of the platform in the region.

In 2013, House of Cards became the first original production to be fully funded by Netflix. Two years later, from Mexico came Ravens Club, which had the honor of being not only the first completely Mexican creation but also the first in the Spanish language. Since then, only counting fictions 16 series have been developed. Who Killed Sara? was the last great Mexican sensation, in a year in which the second season of Luis Miguel: the Series.

For the one of the films, Mexico has 6 tapes in total, of which the best known was Roma. The film of Alfonso Cuaron received ten nominations for Oscar, including the first in the main category ever for Netflix. Finally, he was left with two statuettes: those for Best Photography and Best Foreign Film.

The second step of Netflix: Argentina and Colombia

Regarding productions, Argentina and Colombia are the ones that are located in the second position in terms of Spanish-speaking productions for Netflix. In recent years, Argentina began to gain more ground, with productions such as Gate 7, The Hunch, Eddha, Tomy’s notebook and countless comedy specials, like those of Luciano Mellera and Radagast.

The kingdom It was the last great premiere in Argentina, which quickly became one of the most viewed on the platform. With a cast made up of figures like Diego Peretti, Mercedes moran, Joaquín Furriel, Chinese Darin and Peter lanzani, the eight episodes of the installment encouraged to think about the possibility of developing one more. If done, it would join fictions on the way like The Eternauta, Hail, The love after Love and the second season of Almost happy.

Colombia, for its part, has a list in which stories such as Nicky Jam The Winner, Surviving Escobar and The girl, to mention some cases, among which the co-production with Spain can also be highlighted, Lost. Like Argentina, it has a large number of specials from stand up.

The first Netflix original production in Chile

On the Chilean side, in April it was announced from Netflix that the platform will begin to work on the first production carried out completely in the Andean country. Is about 42 Days in Darkness, which will be directed by Claudia Huaiquimilla and Gaspar Antillo. They defined it as “A police thriller inspired by true events about a woman’s struggle (Claudia Di Girolamo) to find the whereabouts of his missing sister (Aline Kuppenheim)”.


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