Which is the platform with the most number of subscribers in the world

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Since Netflix spread globally, streaming has changed the habits of home entertainment consumption. With multiple options, in a simpler and more comfortable way, you can now select the contents that best suit you. Although, this platform is not alone now and competes with other global trends.

For years Netflix it was the only one and unmatched to the point that today it is considered the streaming giant. However, today, platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max and, in fact, a few hours ago it was launched Star Plus. Although the latter also belongs to the Mickey Mouse company, it has a completely renewed and innovative catalog.

Although Netflix He spent several years alone, now all on demand services give users different options. It is not only the original content, but you can also find certain classics from television, cinema or series. What’s more, many productions of yesteryear were recovered by these platforms.

Even so, beyond the efforts of each and every one of them, there is only one that has the largest number of subscribers in the world. Know the ranking of how platforms are positioned today.

The platform with the most subscribers in the world:

Netflix: 208 million users.

Amazon Prime: 200 million users.

Disney Plus: 104 million users.

HBO and HBO Max: 64 million users.

As for Star Plus, which only arrived in Latin America yesterday, it still did not reveal how many users signed up. But, with this, it is evident that the market is moving and competition is sharpening, so each of them works in record time to remain firm in the industry.

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