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Who Are Corlys Alyn of Hull’s Parents?

House of the Dragon Season 2 has ignited a whirlwind of discussions among fans. The introduction of Alyn of Hull in the premiere episode intrigued viewers deeply. His connection with Corlys has particularly caught the audience’s attention. Corlys expressed gratitude to Alyn for saving his life, but there seems to be more to their relationship. Could Corlys be Alyn’s father?

As of now, it remains unconfirmed whether Corlys Velaryon is Alyn’s father in House of the Dragon Season 2. However, the series has strongly implied a possible connection. Numerous hints have led fans to speculate about the Sea Snake being Alyn’s father. Alyn and his brother Addam have been working on Corlys’ ships, and there have been significant interactions between Alyn and Corlys. In Episode 5, Rhaenys hinted heavily at this relationship when she described Alyn as “comely” and questioned his mother’s beauty. She also mentioned knowing Alyn’s true identity, fueling rumors about his parentage.

Corlys feels a sense of indebtedness to Alyn, especially after Alyn saved his life in the Stepstones. He is also trying to mend bridges with Alyn and Addam. Alyn even remarked on the death of Corlys’ heir, which adds another layer to the theory. The idea that Corlys is Alyn’s father gains traction, setting up House Velaryon’s succession intrigue around Alyn’s true lineage.

In contrast, George R. R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood presents a different narrative. According to the book, rumors were spread by Alyn’s mother that Corlys’ son, Laenor Velaryon, was Alyn’s father. Laenor’s known sexuality and responsibilities towards Rhaenyra’s children cast doubt on this claim in the live-action adaptation. Various sources in the book speculated that Corlys concealed this truth to hide his infidelity. Furthermore, Alyn’s age and appearance seem to align more with Corlys being the father rather than Laenor.

House of the Dragon has made several alterations from the book to suit the live-action narrative, so this could be another one of those adjustments. The actual truth remains to be seen as the series progresses.

House of the Dragon Season 2 hasn’t yet revealed Alyn and Addam’s mother. However, the books identify Marilda, a trader, as their mother. Alyn and Addam were illegitimate siblings from Hull, a small town. Marilda, also known as Mouse, was a trader and a shipwright’s daughter. She never disclosed the identity of their father, but their silver hair created skepticism about their true parentage. During the Sowing, when the brothers claimed riderless dragons, Marilda asserted that Ser Laenor Velaryon fathered them.

Marilda’s potential introduction in the show could unveil more secrets about Alyn’s background, heightening the drama and stakes in future episodes.