Who are Lyn May’s Daughters?

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Lyn May She is a renowned Mexican film star and actress who has won over the public for her participation in various productions of the genre of “ficheras”. At 69, he has a long history in film, theater, television, and cabaret, consolidating himself as an icon of Mexican entertainment.

The famous actress, who has been in the Mexican entertainment industry for more than four decades, remains in force thanks to her participation in various reality shows such as “Quiero Cantar” and by her constant appearances in the entertainment press.

Although he is a public figure, Lyn May has rarely spoken of his daughters. Recently, the star was questioned during an interview about her relationship with her future heiresses and revealed little-known details about her past. What did he say? Here are the details.

Lyn May He is an icon of Mexican cinema who has managed to earn a place in the hearts of the public. With 40 years of experience, the actress remains in force thanks to her participation in various reality shows such as “Quiero Cantar” as well as by her constant appearances in the entertainment press, where she is always talking about her irreverent statements.

During an interview with the program “The minute my destiny changed,” Lyn May was honest when referring to the most important people in her life, her daughters, who have rarely been seen.

The Mexican actress recalled her past that was marked by violence, a situation from which she was able to escape. Lyn May revealed that at the age of fourteen she began working as a waitress in a lunch box in the Central Market, located in the Cuereria neighborhood.

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In that place she met her first husband, a 42-year-old Mexican sailor who, dazzled by the statuesque figure of the young woman, pretended to convince her to marry him.

“I was a little girl when I went to Mexico (CDMX), I worked in the market selling and I know a sailor, a handsome man and one who is looking for an escape from poverty. He told me that he was going to show me Mexico, La Villa, he painted things pink, he did take me to La Villa, but then you will know ”, the star recalled.

Lyn May said that at that age she was very innocent and that when she found out she was pregnant, she did not know what to do. Faced with this situation, her parents forced her to marry the father of her first two daughters, a very aggressive man who constantly beat and mistreated her.

“When I was pregnant I thought my daughter was going to come out through the mouth. It was my doll, I had not had dolls or anything like that, my gift was a doll, I adored it. The guy beat me a lot to get it out of me because I already had older children, “he recalled.

“He was about 40 years old and I was 14. My grandmother made the mistake of throwing us out by the police, they put him in jail and forcibly married us, that’s the way our parents were before, I would have preferred a thousand times that they didn’t do that,” he added.

After three years of relationship and two daughters, at just 16 years old, Liliana returned to the port of Acapulco, alleging domestic violence from her husband. However, her grandmother forced her to return to him.

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