Who are the blue helmets?

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Blue Helmets is a army unique in the world, it never participates in war activities, but rather in stopping hostilities and guaranteeing a ceasefire. An “emergency force” of the United Nations who has been working for peace for years. Let’s learn more about who are the blue helmets, since when they exist and what they do.

Who are the blue helmets?

Made up of armed troops supplied and paid for by member states of the United Nations, the United Nations Emergency Force, the blue helmets were created in 1956, on the occasion of the Suez crisis and they are composed of about 46,000 men, with a cost of almost 3,000 million euros per year. Decided by the Security Council or the UN General Assembly, its intervention cannot take place without the consent of the states in conflict.

“Blue helmets” is an informal term adopted for the United Nations (UN) international military force; drift from hull color supplied to the troops. The personal UN peacekeepers are formed by departments made available to the Security Council, at its request, by UN member countries to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security.

These are non-combatant forces. The purpose of their use is to divide the contenders, prevent the spread of conflicts, monitor compliance with the ‘ceasefire’ and sometimes they also act in emergency humanitarian missions such as when a natural catastrophe occurs.

The missions of the blue helmets

The blue helmets interposition technique was first adopted in 1956 by the United Nations Emergency Forces (NUEF) which, during the Suez crisis, acted as a buffer between the Anglo-French and Israeli troops on the one hand and the Egyptians on the other.

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Among the many missions of the Blue Helmets are also those that are carried out in the Congo, in Cyprus, in the Golan, in southern Lebanon, in Cambodia and in Haiti.

In the difficult mission during the conflict in Bosnia, UNPROFOR, the UN Protection Force, unable to prevent massacres and atrocities of civilians, was withdrawn and replaced by a NATO Interposition Force.

In 1988, the Blue Helmets received the Nobel Peace Prize. The May 29 is established as International Blue Helmets Day, to remember and highlight the work of these “troops” of the United Nations.

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