Who are the characters that will appear in Peacemaker

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The series starring John Cena will hit HBO Max next Thursday. It will consist of a total of 8 episodes and will be a direct continuation of The Suicide Squad.

The first three episodes will arrive next Friday.
© IMDbThe first three episodes will arrive next Friday.

This Thursday it will arrive at HBO Max a new production of DC. Is about Peacemaker, series focused on the character played by John Cena in Suicide squad, which will be a direct continuation of this story and will have this anithhero with the responsibility of being the armed wing of a secret operation that seeks to destroy a group of people known as “Fireflies”. If you were wondering if they will explain how he survived after his apparent death in the film, you can sleep easy, because they will. Next, we will tell you who are the characters that will accompany Chris Smith in this history.


This new superhero was not part of the movie of Warner Bros. Pictures directed by James Gunn. It is a figure that considers Peacemaker his best friend and who has moral values ​​just as twisted as the character of price, although still characterized by a greater innocence. One of his greatest prides is to boast that no one, not even Chris Smith, know your true identity.

Emilia Harcourt

A very tough woman who will quickly attract the attention of Peacemaker while carrying out the mission. This is a person who tries not to show weaknesses and who under no point of view will let men try to pass her over.

Auggie Smith – White Dragon

The father of Peacemaker is a man from a dark past, associated with white supremacies, who used his knowledge to become a villain in search of annihilating all minorities. In addition, he will openly speak out against his son, whom he does not respect at all.

Leota Adebayo

The daughter of Amanda Waller will infiltrate the organization in charge of ending The fireflies. It will be a double agent who will transfer information to his mother but who will clearly begin to notice that the world is not like Amanda he paints it.

John Economos

The technology specialist already seen in The Suicide Squad you will return to attend the operation sitting in front of a computer.

Clemson Murn

The leader of the operation and the only one who seems to understand for sure what and who they are The fireflies. This is a person who does not like things not going as planned.


This little fellow will introduce himself as a person who was hired as a bodyguard who will soon let her know Peacemaker and his allies that he is not as weak as his physique appears.

Larry Fitzgibbon y Sophie Song

The police officers who will begin to investigate what really happened to Peacemaker and why he was released, despite not having served the sentence that weighed on him.

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