Who are the new characters in season 2 of “Doctor Miracle”

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Since “Doctor Miracle”(“ Mucize Doktor ”in its original language) began to air in different parts of the world, the turkish series It quickly became the favorite of the public, so much so that it is considered a success in countries such as Hungary, Albania, Spain and Argentina; And it is not for less, because the plot that tells the story of an autistic doctor with Savant syndrome has captivated everyone.

Due to the fact that in some nations, the second season is already broadcast, its followers have been surprised with the changes that have occurred in the new episodes in which some characters were incorporated.

If you are one of the people who got hooked on fiction, which is an adaptation of the 2013 South Korean fiction “Good Doctor”, we will tell you who are the actors that make up the cast in installment two.

Actor Hakan Kurtas plays Doruk Özütürk, a surgeon from the army. Although it reflects a joyful spirit, it has a lot of sadness inside, which was discovered by Ali Vefa.

The actor Cengiz Tangör plays Haluk Hoca, a neurologist who, based on the disease discovered in Adil, seeks a cure for his health.

Actress Seda Bakan plays the role of Ferda Erinç, Adil’s daughter, who has a career in health that leads her to join the Berhayat Hospital staff.

Ezgi Asaroglu plays Ezo Kozoglu, a young woman who joins the cast and due to her great beauty will break the hearts of many.

Actress Zerrin Tekindor plays Vuslat Kozoglu, the new boss who will replace Kivilcim at the hospital.

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Actor Serkan Keskin has the role of Muhsin Korunmaz, a new healthcare professional, who is a surgeon.

Actress Ecem Simge Yurdatapan has the role of Harika Tursucuzade, who will win over one of the hospital’s most beloved doctors.

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