Who are the parents of Carmen Villalobos

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Since he starred in the saga “Without breasts, there is no paradise“, the race of Carmen Villalobos placeholder image has been on the rise to become today one of the most sought-after actresses, being the last production in which she participated “woman-fragranced coffee”, Where for the first time she gave life to the villain of the story, an interpretation that led her to be applauded by the public.

Due to her great versatility to put herself under the skin of any character, the Colombian has shown that based on the commitment and perseverance that she puts into things, she has been able to achieve the goals that she has set, but In addition to the great effort she makes, she would not have achieved this because of everything her parents instilled in her since she was a child..

Although many of the followers of Sebastián Caicedo’s wife know a lot about the actress’s life through her social networks, there are few who know who her parents are; For this reason, we will tell you about it below.

The father of Carmen Villalobos is Pedro Villalobos, who ceased to exist in October 2017. On the day of his departure, the actor wrote a moving message next to a photo where she appears as a baby being carried by her father.

“Daddy, I always said that from you I had inherited the discipline of work, the berraquera, your character and your smile, a smile that will always accompany me. Just as I see you in this photo, you will live in my memory and in my heart. Today I only have words of thanks for you, happy to know that you left calm and that I only have to close my eyes every time I want to remember you. At this moment your soul is surrounded by a great light and a giant love that will always be with you. I loved you and I will always love you! Rest in Peace Papito Pedro Villalobos “he wrote on his Instagram account.

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While, Carmen de Villalobos’ mother is Betty Barrios, who as a result of the death of her husband was the one who accompanied her daughter to the altar on her wedding day. The actress shares several publications with her, where she highlights the great love she feels for her.

“Betty Barrios, my mom, my friend, the best counselor, the best sister, aunt, mother-in-law, friend. Today she is on her birthday and on the day of my marriage she did not stop smiling for a single second. She was happy next to me, she was happy to give me Sebastian, she was happy because Jorge Duque had taken the trouble to also design this beautiful dress for her. Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you with all my heart and I ask God to keep you with us for many more years ”he wrote.

The full name of the artist was revealed during the television program “The Suso’s Show.” When she made her entry, the presenter called her Yorley del Carmen Villalobos Barrios, leaving everyone speechless.

It was there that he said that he decided to eliminate, for the public, his first name on the recommendation of the director Mario Rivero, who proposed to change it, since the real one was very difficult and people could not learn it.

“Everyone in my house calls me Yorly. When I started working it was Yorley Villalobos, but people never learned it, they said to me: ‘Hello Yerley’, ‘Hello Yurley’ ”. So he said to me: ‘Don’t you have another name? It’s just that I feel like it costs people a bit’ and I said: ‘Carmen’ and he replied: ‘That’s it! Carmen Villalobos’ ”, he indicated.

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